Welcome to the iNOTESs Case Registery.

To validate NOTES it is important to register as many procedures as possible.

We invite our members to register every NOTES procedure they perform. We can only get objective information on the incidence of complications in NOTES, if we register all the NOTES procedures we perform.

All patient data are registered anonymously. Surgeons can opt to remain anonymous or not. Surgeons registering their procedures will be invited to co-author publications based on the iNOTESs Case Registry.

Please fill out the Intra-operative Case Registry form at the end of every NOTES procedure (even if no complication occurred).

If no complication occurs during the postoperative course, there is no need to fill out the Postoperative Case Registry.

However, if there is any deviation from the normal postoperative course, or if an early or late complication occurs, please fill out the Postoperative Case Registry.

All data will be collected anonymously.


Intra-operative Case Registry


Postoperative Case Registry