Dear Colleagues, 


Welcome to the International NOTES Society.


Our recently founded society aims to connect Natural Orifice surgeons from across the globe.


In the 1980’s and the 1990’s the first major paradigm shift occurred in abdominal and pelvic surgery with the introduction of laparoscopic surgery. After a period of skepticism, it has now become commonplace in all disciplines of abdominal and pelvic surgery (gastro-intestinal surgery, gynaecology, urology,…).


NOTES in now the next paradigm shift.  After a period of thorough research, it has now become a realistic alternative for open and laparoscopic surgery for multiple abdominal procedures, mainly in gynaecological and gastro-intestinal surgery.


NOTES surgery is finding its way into the daily practice of gastro-intestinal surgeons and gynaecologists.  It is also being introduced into urology and for operations outside the peritoneum: surgery to the vertebral column, approach to the mediastinum and the heart via the esophagus, transgastric approach for intrauterine interventions in pregnant animals, …


Many surgeons are gaining experience in one of the field of NOTES surgery: transvaginal, transgastric, transanal or transurethral.  We all encounter difficulties and find ways to overcome these. By sharing our experiences, we can learn from each other. iNOTESs therefore has created this online platform.


We encourage all NOTES surgeons to share their experiences by submitting video fragments of their procedures. By learning from each other’s expertise, NOTES surgical techniques can evolve and progress more quickly.


The field of NOTES surgery is rapidly progressing and many technical innovations will soon facilitate natural orifice surgery.  By way of this website iNOTESs provides a platform where all NOTES surgeons can keep up to date with the technical innovations in the different fields of NOTES surgery.


For our EXPERT VIDEOS section we invite experts in specific NOTES procedures to demonstrate their techniques.


For surgeons wanting to gain more experience in NOTES surgery, we offer courses, or we can help you get into contact with experienced NOTES surgeons in different parts of the world.


Please understand that due to the nature of surgical videos, the video section is password protected.  By clicking on the password tab, you can apply for a password and become a member of the international NOTES society. Membership is free of charge.


Complication Registry



Surgeons are encouraged to register all their NOTES procedures in this registry, regardless whether complications occurred or not. Analyses of these data are necessary for the validation and improvement of all NOTES techniques.

All data will be collected confidentially and anonymously.